Prescription Drugs Abuse

Prescription drugs are pharmaceutical drugs that can only be obtained with a doctor’s consent or permission. They are legally allowed to be bought over the counter by a doctor’s written order. And therefore, they are safe and usable by the patient. Why is there such a thing as prescription drug abuse?

Now, a lot of people may have faulty conclusions about what prescription drugs really are. In some cases, people abuse prescription drugs because they think these are safer and less addictive than those you could buy anywhere in the streets. And because a doctor prescribed them, they could easily be bought in pharmacies and could do them not much harm. But on the contrary, there are more things to think about that will surely refrain you from abusing these drugs.

Taking drugs recommended by the doctor is used to treat illness of a particular individual only. And even if you have the same concerns as the other patient, the drug might not work as well with you as it would with the other. So if it wasn’t recommended to you and for you by the doctor, take into consideration that it is more dangerous than you think and is just as illegal as those you find in the streets.

An adolescent drug treatment [] will educate you with how to handle this problem. Prescription drugs fall under three types. One are oploids which are used as painkillers and cough or diahrrea relievers. These control the central nervous system so that the body will be prevented from feeling pain. Another are central nervous system deppressants which include valium and xanax. These are used to treat anxiety, tension, pain attacks and sleep disorders resulting to drowsiness. And lastly are the widely used stimulants which increase brain activity, resulting in greater energy. The adolescent drug treatment focuses on helping you learn that you cannot just pass around prescriptions by the doctor, especially in the family for it is not just fallible to abuse, but they may even cause more illnesses to arise.

High doses of these will cause abnormality in normal body functions and may impair the senses. That is why adolescent drug treatment explores also all possible causes of addiction and impairment that prescription drug abuse may result to. It rehabilitates the individual to regain the use of these functions and therefore takes a lot of effort not only by the adolescent drug treatment center and their facilities but also the coordination of the individual and everyone in the family as well.

These will tell us not to use prescription drugs for the wrong reasons. It may get worst and you may be responsible for the worsening of your friend or your family member’s condition by passing your prescription. Remember that the piece of paper given to you by your doctor is for you alone and for the particular concern that you have approached your doctor with in the first place.

The Black Market of Prescription Drugs

We all know that there are people out there who buy and sell prescription drugs without a doctor’s prescription. With all of the restrictions involved, how is it even possible? What are the dangers involved in getting drugs this way? Perhaps the most important question is why should you even care as long as you’re not doing it, right? Well we think that you should be very concerned, especially if you have kids or if you, yourself, considered purchasing drugs this way.

The biggest problem is that government control measures are placed between a rock and a hard place because of two types of studies. The main way of distribution of prescription drugs is by people who actually have prescriptions for various ailments and instead of using all of their prescribed drugs before refilling them, they will generally use fifty to seventy five percent of their drugs and sell the rest to a “friend who knows a friend” and refill their prescription, usually funded by an insurance or Welfare. So one study suggests that the principal means of controlling these substances is for the prescribing physician to be much more aware of their patient’s use of these drugs and limit that use as much as possible. The other problem here is that the studies that are conducted in this area are subject to much controversy as these studies use typical drug user interviews for their facts and illegal drug users tend to be very shy about their drug habits and very likely their testimonies are highly fabricated. The other side of the situation is the studies that claim that many patients that are prescribed prescription drugs, due to the restrictions on the amount prescribed, are still suffering pain; that we should allow more drugs to be prescribed so that these patients need not suffer needlessly. Thus the dilemma, should the government allow less drugs to be prescribed to reduce its illegal use or allow more drugs to be sold to help those that actually need them.

Other than the above named source of black market supply of these drugs, the other common means are those brought in from Mexico and Mexico’s very lax, or perhaps the lack of, restrictions on prescription drugs; though this likely accounts for a smaller segment of the black market supply, there is really no way of knowing the proportions. In our encounters with clients who have used such drugs, we have heard more than once that their suppliers get their drugs in California, Florida, and Texas.

So other than the legal concerns, does it really matter if people get their drugs from the black market? There are many reasons to be concerned actually. First of all, one of the major reasons why these drugs are prescribed is because of potential side effects, many times very severe, causing irreversible damage and even lethal. It is the doctor’s duty to know their patient’s background, including other drugs they are taking to minimize side effects and drug interactions. What about contamination? Drugs purchased via legal means go through the strictest of handling processes to ensure a non-contaminated product. Drugs purchased on the black market are obviously not subjected to these requirements and who knows what kind of contaminants they have encountered. The third very troubling concern is many times these drugs are crushed and diluted with other things, such as baking soda, these processes are performed in laboratories, for lack of a better word, that are used to create and dilute other drugs such as cocaine and methamphetamines. The equipment is rarely cleaned to pristine conditions many times allowing for these drugs to combine, potentially creating super lethal concoctions; worse yet is users who purchased from these laboratories may come to expect a typically safe product, when a bad batch comes along and…

Perhaps the most troubling of all indications is that these black market prescription drugs run rampant within our Jr. High and High Schools. Yes, your children are required to make a daily choice not to succumb to peer pressure and try these drugs. This is especially a concern for the difficult growing years of Jr. High where the kids are just starting to really discover who they are, often times without strong opinions, this is especially the case where the parents are too busy to really instill a sense of what’s important and what’s right or wrong in these kids’ lives. Even with children whose parents do try to impart a sense of self-confidence in their children’s lives often times a thing as simple as a crush will allow peer pressure to overcome their sense of who they are and their values.

So where does that leave us? Government can really do nothing to help with solving this problem. I doubt trying to shelter our kids will help either because we really have no way of watching them twenty-four-seven; besides hoping that your kids are smart and will make the right decision when they have never even heard of the stuff is a very big hope indeed. We think the only real option is educating ourselves and those that we care about. You should tell your kids that they are likely to encounter this stuff, perhaps even offer to take it by their best friends, but…well you can figure out the rest. I wish you best success in avoiding this stuff and making sure that your kids will avoid it too.

Trading Prescription Drug Addiction for a New Life

As news items and articles increase the awareness of the potential for prescription drug addiction, abuse and deadly overdoses, the number of people going into prescription drug addiction treatment centers is rapidly surpassing those seeking treatment for street drugs. In fact, we’re only skimming the surface: If everyone with a prescription drug addiction] or abuse problem decided to address it, treatment facilities would be so in demand it would be hard to find something available.

As it is, however, many people are unaware of or unwilling to admit they have a problem. Why is that? One of the major reasons is that they cannot see themselves fitting into the typical ‘drug addict’ persona. They’re taking tranquilizers, sedatives, anti-depressants and painkillers every day but since they’re still functioning in life, not living in hovels and not getting the drugs from drug dealers in dark alleys, they don’t think they have a problem.

In fact, it really doesn’t matter whether they live in a room with mattresses and needles on the floor or a nice pool home in a middle or upper-class neighborhood, they’re still dependant on drugs, possibly addicted and, worst of all, whatever problem motivated them to take the drugs in the first place isn’t actually being resolved; it’s just being masked by the drugs. And ‘drug addict’ still applies.

Another reason is the stigma they don’t want to be thought of as having a drug problem, and they would rather be dead than in drug rehab with those ‘drug addicts’ which, by the way, might be the alternatives the person eventually has to face; death or drug rehab.

Underlying it all, they’re scared. Scared of what other people will think, scared it will hurt, scared they’ll go back to having the same problems they couldn’t face without drugs before, and scared they won’t be able to cope with them any better than they could back then. And they’re scared they’ll lose their family, their friends, or job.

Nevertheless, somewhere buried under all that fear, they’re aware they have a problem with prescription drug addiction, they want to address it, and someone who cares about them should get them into a prescription drug addiction treatment.

It’s true that admitting to having a drug problem and going into a prescription drug addiction treatment can change a lot of things in a person’s life but, in the end, those changes will be for the better. And there are plenty of prescription drug addiction treatment facilities available that are nice environments with staff that treat you with dignity, respect, and love, and who understand the problems you’re having and help you get through them. And when they complete the program, they’ll have a brand new start.